Copywriter, Editor & Marketing Consultant

All the words and ideas you need to build your content, grow your mission and expand your business.


Hello. I’m Kia Cranwell and I’m a professional copywriter, editor and marketing consultant specialising in content and editorial.

If you have a mission to make the world a better place, or you’re in the business of wellness, sustainability or the built environment, I can help.


For almost 20 years (which makes me feel older than I am), I’ve been writing and editing articles, websites, books, blogs, magazines, newsletters, case studies and more.  When I’m not creating content, I’m forming marketing strategies, content campaigns and PR pitches for start-ups and household brands, or coaching budding writers and marketing professionals.


From London and Dubai to New York, Sydney and Stockholm, I write for clients throughout the world about new initiatives, natural health, food and drink, slow-interiors, sustainability and more. I also specialise in the built environment (particularly eco-driven) so if your focus is on sustainable furnishings, green energy, property or ecological architecture, pop over to my other site: to learn more.


If you want to engage an audience, make a splash with your marketing, grow your online following, share a concept or build your business, I can help to make that happen.  I’ll show you how to create a strong position in the market, and I’ll help you tell a story that will ignite the interest of your readers or customers with clever content ideas and captivating copy.


Here’s how it works.