More Than Just a Wordsmith

Hello! I’m Kia Cranwell and I set up e-Copywriter in 2009 after working as a Head of Marketing, Head of Digital, Copywriter and Account Director in a handful of advertising agencies, organisations and small businesses.

I still regularly consult businesses, marketing directors and budding copywriters on marketing and content strategy – but I love to write and have to write. I need to write, in fact. Writing is part of who I am.

I began my writing career in a fast-growing agency in 1999 where I produced copy for print adverts, direct mail and editorial (the traditional channels). As the world of marketing changed, so did my focus and I became a specialist in digital marketing and content creation for all channels.

Over the past two decades there isn’t much I haven’t written about. In the early days, it made sense to throw myself into every subject matter, audience and sector. It helped me to learn how to write in many voices for different mediums and channels.

Today, however, I’ve found where my passion lies and now specialise in a few specific areas.

I love to write about things that matter, helping forward-thinking businesses to articulate their ideas, innovations and stories in a way that inspires others.

From sustainability and slow-living to wellness initiatives and ecological improvements, I can help you spread the word (or words) to make the world a better place.

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