Copywriting & Marketing for Digital Agencies


That was then…

Before e-Copywriter was born, my career began in the agency world.  Two years into my new marketing vocation, I was promoted to Marketing Director at a fast-growing agency, where I quickly learnt what worked (and what didn’t work) in promoting and building a business.

In the years that followed, I worked as an Account Director and Head of Search and Social for a leading B2B agency, winning major pitches worth many £thousands. 


This is now…

Today, I consult start-up web agencies and SME digital agencies on positioning, marketing campaigns and content strategy, and provide pitch, proposal, event and copywriting support.

I often work alongside the business owner as a sounding board, coach and outsourced marketing strategist, just as an in-house Marketing Manager or Director would.

Sometimes, I simply work as a copywriter for both the agency and its clients.  I manage all online content, social media and analytics wherever the agency most needs the support.


If you need support, insight or content creation from an experienced professional who understands your world, please get in touch.  

Content and Marketing Support for Agencies

  • Optimised Web Content with a tone and style that sets you apart in the agency world
  • Blog Writing – full service: research, SEO, images and CMS publishing
  • Marketing Campaign copywriting (eNewsletters, eBooks, eMails, Press Releases, etc.)
  • Infographics
  • Case Studies & Client Interviews
  • Social Media Profiles, Set-up and Updates
  • Exhibition Materials and Event Promotions
  • Presentations, Pitches and Proposals
  • Surveys
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Director Support
  • Market Research and Insight
  • USP/Branding
  • Event Support
  • Copywriting for Clients

How it Works

Whether you need support on a one-off project or ongoing help with a retainer (which is how I work with most agencies), let’s have a chat.  From there, we can agree on the support you need, how often you want it and what can be achieved within your budget.

Contact me to get the ball rolling.