Copywriting & Marketing Coaching


Content is now so important in business that it’s no longer a nice to have; it’s a necessity.

Yes, you could employ the services of a freelance copywriter (which I wholeheartedly recommend, obviously) but what if you want to do your own marketing instead?


There is no one who knows more about your business than you do, so it makes absolute sense that you promote your own company and write your own content in your voice.

But, where do you start?


I began my career two decades ago running coaching and workshops for business owners who wanted to learn how to build their business and write their own communications, and I still do that today for those who want to learn marketing skills rather than outsource.


Here’s how it works…


Marketing & Copywriting Coaching Programme


My coaching programme gives you a blend of copywriting training, support, editing and ideas for your business.


We begin by creating your marketing plan, competitive position, customer profiles, tone of voice and content schedule.  Then, each month (or week if you prefer), I give you an action plan with insight, tactics and direction to help you complete projects, grow your content and build your brand.


I’ll guide you on what content to write and how to do it properly – to engage your readers and please Google at the same time.  I’ll cast an expert eye over your words and edit or tweak until you don’t need my help anymore.  I’ll be here to help you get started when you face the dreaded white page of doom, and give you an outline of points to include in your content.


All the while, I’ll keep you moving forward with your marketing to help you achieve your business goals, providing a sounding board when you need it.


Want to find out more?  Drop me a line and we can chat about what you need.



Copywriting Courses & Workshops


I run practical, yawn-free copywriting workshops and courses at the wonderful venue of The WorkWell in Buckinghamshire.

  • If you’re interested in becoming a copywriter, my coaching programme has been designed to give budding writers the tools they need to make a career out of doing what they love.  You’ll learn the art of copywriting and content marketing, and how to turn those skills into an enjoyable career.
  • If you’re a business owner, marketer or freelancer interested in improving your own writing skills for marketing, my short and refreshing workshops will show you how to write engaging, informative and unique content to boost your business and presence online.
  • For existing copywriters, I run short courses on SEO writing, UX writing and content marketing strategy for those who are already excellent writers but need the digital marketing edge and know-how to offer more.


Please contact me for further details and dates.

Copywriting Modules for 2019

  • Copywriting for SEO and Web
  • Copywriting for Blogs, eBooks and White Papers
  • Copywriting for Personal Promotion on LinkedIn
  • Content Marketing Essentials for the Small Business
  • Become a Copywriter (Part 1)
  • Building a Career in Copywriting (Part 2)

If you would like to register your interest, please contact me.